It speaks to Meryl Streep’s poise and position these days that The Weinstein Company, once again batting for the fences with a British high drama, has cut the kind of confident announcement teaser that you rarely see for something like this. This is more the sort of thing you see for a sequel or franchise picture, genre flicks, that sort of thing- to see it done ( Moon* score and all!) with a prestige picture is interesting. It is effective though. Take a look…

I always love seeing Roger Allam happen, and Streep looks to be as pitch perfect as anyone could expect. The teasers done its job, because I’m definitely interested in seeing this. With War Horse in the mix and last year’s statue going so controversially to The King’s Speech I don’t see Iron Lady getting Best Picture, but we are more than likely looking at our Best Actress winner already.

(via Awards Daily)

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*Originally pegged it as Sunshine (and had a nagging feeling that I ignored!) — thanks Evi.