Final Destination 5 exists. It really does. It blows my mind too because watching the trailer for the movie makes me feel like I’m watching the trailer for the latest Scary Movie film spoofing Final Destination, except I know in my heart of hearts they wouldn’t do that now.

Because even Scary Movie knows that Final Destination‘s expiration date is way too long passed to spoof.

Anyway, the above is the latest poster for this unkillable franchise. The conceit this time is that a bridge collapses and covers David Koechner’s face in black magma. Actually it kills a bunch of folks but spares a few boring kids who then try and cheat death. Stop me if you’ve heard this be…

There is a piece of art of a bridge with a skull’s face on it. That has to count for something.

Thanks to Impawards for the image. If you somehow want to see Tony Todd get more screen time in a trailer than Tony Todd deserves in an entire film, here’s the trailer to ease your burning inner fire: