casIn the story before this one, I wrote about the annoying parade of Batman 2 rumors. To be fair, the franchise that is plagued with the most annoying rumors for the last few years has been the James Bond films – we’ve seen every possible actor and concept trotted out as being involved in the next Bond movie. The film is actually shooting, though, which means that we’re going to be getting fewer inane rumors and more hard facts – like the casting of the film’s main villain.

Director Martin Campbell has confirmed that great Dane Mads Mikkelsen will be playing teh wicked Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Mads was last seen in King Arthur, unless you had the common sense to avoid that piece of shit. The next Bond girl hasn’t been cast yet, although the producers are down to two or three finalists. I wonder if this is when the casting couch comes in, and I wonder why I never got into producing.

Casino Royale is shooting the Czech Republic right now, and will head to the Bahamas, Prague, Italy and finally the UK’s Pinewood Studios, as dictated by the James Bond Act of 1973.