Hi, I’m an Oliver Stone apologist. Sort of. I really don’t find Seizure all that compelling and Alexander bothered the piss out of me because they never covered the years he co-starred on Seinfeld. That said, I can watch many of his movies over and over and never get bored. I also love his commentaries, because how extensive his knowledge is and how he pronounces "idear".

For some reason, I’ve become a latter-day September 11th info devourer. As most of you were, I was swept up in the events as they happened (and our now lost message board realtime discussion will stick with me forever) but I wanted nothing to do with it once people milked and milked and milked it so much I thought they’d been renamed Harvey.

But, as we’ve been brainbeat… America Never Forgets.

So, lately I’ve found myself digesting as much information as I can, from the overrated 102 Minutes to documentaries to the Disinformation reports to the extensive stuff on the web about it. I don’t know why. It makes me ill.

So here’s the poster for Oliver Stone’s flick on the subject starring Nicolas Cage and a whole bunch of boring people (though I love me some Jude Ciccolella, one of the least appreciated character actors on Sol 3). My first impression is those aren’t firemen but rather Hill Giants.

My second impression is that, despite my recent rabid fascination with the subject, I’m hesitant to embrace a feature. Here’s hoping Oliver does a good job of juggling his emotions (no way a studio would bankroll at attack like JFK on this subject) without still adding his expected fringe views on the matter.

We’ll see. Enjoy the poster. Oliver plans to only use existing footage of the towers getting decimated and this is a subdued poster that falls in tune with that approach. I, for one, am glad.