’s always nice to see a poster where a woman is having her face slammed into the ground. It reminds me of dear ol’ Ma.

Actually, I’m really glad that the image isn’t showing what’s happening to the left of the frame, as whether it’s an unwilling act of sensuality or a simple anal backrub, it’s not what a guy like me needs to see.

The Hills Have Eyes is a flick on its way to theathers, a remake of the old Michael Berryman semi-classic. Devin loved it, saying "It’s the first ever pro-War on Terror horror film, and made by a Frenchman to boot." but everything’s political to him. He even found Fahrenheit 9/11 to be political.

The trailer was incredible and we’re suckers for anything featuring Acting Sensation Mayor Ted Levine (don’t get the joke? CLICK HERE) is alright by us.

Atlanta and Charlotte residents, want to see it before the rest of your hated enemies? Here’s how, and by the way, Charlotte let me down with their responses for the last few screenings so get off the Schneid!

Answer these questions using the appropriate link below, including your mailing address:

1. What are you more afraid of, Hills or Eyes?

2. How do you feel about the new age of remaking movies with grit and vigor?

3. I personally disagree with the tagline that the lucky ones die first. I think the lucky ones survive. In fact, I think there are no lucky ones as evidenced HERE. What’s your take on that?