We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Special Announcement

Hola, people of earth. Welcome back to Lost & Found – the column that dares to resurrect and reappraise the cancelled television shows of yesteryear. For those who came in late, we’ve just finished watching Carnivale, HBO’s hourlong magical mystery tour of Great Depression-era America/tale of Ancient Struggle Between God and Satan.

Long story short: I liked it, and I found a great deal to write about as I watched the episodes. Carnivale definitely isn’t for everyone (if you’ve a strong aversion to incest, horror, spiritual ambiguity or molasses-paced narratives, steer clear), but its audacity, intelligence and level of craft make it well worth seeking out. You can read my musings/weekly attacks of prose diarrhea by clicking this link.

This space was supposed to contain a column focused on Carnivale‘s pitch doc, mythology, and hypothetical future. Instead, I’m pleased as punch to report that Daniel Knauf, creator, writer and co-executive producer of Carnivale, has agreed to an interview.

I’m looking forward to posing a few specific questions to him, but I’d be a fool not to ask you good folks out there to submit potential questions of your own. And so we come to another Audience Participation segment here at Lost & Found. What questions would you like me to ask Mr. Knauf?

Here’s the caveat (there’s always a caveat): in past interviews, Knauf has said that he can’t divulge too much about whatever Carnivale‘s future might have held; the show was his initial creation, but the episodes that resulted were the fruit of a collaborative process. Any future the show would have would depend, he said, on the same sort of collaboration. Seeing as that’s the case I’d like you to steer clear of questions about the show’s future and focus on the episodes that exist, and the themes/characterizations/plots/mythos that already exist. What would you like to know about them? What have you noticed, wondered about, wanted an answer to?

Post your questions in the comments section, on the boards, or @M_Morse on Twitter. I’ll select some and pose them to Knauf when we speak.

Once I’m finished I’ll post the interview along with the promised column on Carnivale‘s pitch doc, giving you double for your money (which, considering that the site is free, means you’ll get zero times two but you get the point…). I’m grateful to Daniel Knauf for agreeing to field some questions, and thanks in advance to all of you for coming up with some of them.