csaI’m relieved and elated that a few people in Hollywood saw A History of Violence and remembered what a great goddamn filmmaker David Cronenberg can be when he’s on his game – the guy who brought us exploding heads and mugwump jism is quickly lining up more projects than you can fit in a Brundlepod.

Cronenberg is planning to keep things on the dark side with a new film called Eastern Promises, a London-based thriller from Focus and BBC Films. The story, written by Dirty Pretty Things scribe Steve Knight, follows a nurse looking into the death of a Russian girl during childbirth, who turns out to have been part of a sex-trafficking organization. And then people fornicate with dead bodies and/or get shot in the face, probably.

Cronenberg, who for some ungodly reason wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year because people actually liked Crash, also has the satirical Tinseltown tale Map to the Stars in the works, but it’s not known which will roll first. Long live the new flesh.