There’s already a couple of tongue-in-cheek “How To” guidebooks making it toward the screen these days, and the Weinsteins have just added another that could end up as a comedic, cloning-based Primer. Actually, I doubt something so interesting will result, but How To Defeat Your Own Clone has been optioned regardless, and the Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson book is set for adaptation.

Clone seems to be of the familiar mold for these kind of novelty books, basing itself off of a near future where human-enslaved clones have revolted and taken over the planet. The prose apparently mixes humor with legitimate biology science, and treads the line between straight-faced science fictioin and wry observational humor. I’m  not sure exactly how much of a story and how much of a scenario guide the book is, and how that will translate to the big screen. The screenplay is being handled by an up-and-comer of the Marvel writing stable, Ed Ricourt- a gentleman who already has a screenplay in production (with Jesse Eisenberg and Louis Letterier on board!), but is otherwise an unknown at this point.

The book appears to have good reviews, and be generally well-liked, and at least it’s not another stupid Zombie survival guide, or yet another gimmicky alien flick. Clones are an enemy the human race has not yet conquered too many times on screen, so my fingers are crossed that Ricourt has a good touch for comedy, and that whoever helms the flick has a good grasp on balancing science esoterica with comedic revolutionary action. It sounds like an odd tone to pull off, so my hat is tipped to whoever steps up.

This still has to go to script, so it’s a good ways off. Now You See Me is the name of Ricourt’s other aforementioned project, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how that turns out.

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