Arad has revealed that he doesn’t expect to see Captain
America hitting the silver screen until 2009, giving the new Marvel Studios
only three years to crank out sequels before the world ends in 2012 (ask the
Mayans). The really bad news is that if the film has Cap hunting Osama Bin
Laden, that storyline will still be current in ’09.

Arad spilled the potential date to the Associated Press, and
he also delivered his usual spiel about the character and the direction the
film would take. "Without giving too much away, obviously there’ll be a
little bit of the origin and then we come into our real world," Arad said. "What makes Captain America such a compelling character is that it
allows you to judge history so you see where he came from and you see what he
stood for… One of the things our movie is going to deal with is what happened
in 60 years. Which world was better? Sixty years ago or now? Within, obviously,
a kick-ass plot and all the stuff that you’ve come to expect from a superhero

In a truly bizarre move, Avi said to expect a USAgent film by Christmas.