Veteran war-beast John J. Rambo hasn’t snapped a bone or sliced a throat since he helped the Mujahedeen kick those pesky Soviet invaders out of the Middle East back in 1988, but now there are some new folks who need to get the shit killed out of them by everyone’s favorite almost-stable ex-Green Beret.

Yes, Rambo is back, and he’s being directed by Sylvester Stallone. Much like he did with Rocky 6, Sly got tired of trying to get another big-name director for Rambo IV and decided to just do it his own damn self. In addition to executive producing and wearing the scars and headband, Stallone also wrote the screenplay (based on an unnamed novel) — he ought to know the character well enough by now after co-writing the first three movies.

The story, being compared to Deliverance and Straw Dogs, however unlikely that sounds, apparently finds Rambo living in the “American outback” (perhaps eating things that’d make a billygoat puke, or maybe just InStone nutrition products, assuming those are mutually exclusive) and seeking bloody retribution on domestic terrorists who kidnap his stepson.

The sequel (which is either being put together by Dimension, Millennium, Emmet/Furla, or some combination thereof) has also reportedly hired a first A.D., a second-unit director and a composer, so the slaughter should be getting ready to film pretty soon.