Singer showed up at WonderCon this weekend to start the selling of his upcoming Superman Returns, and he took the opportunity to tease us about his remake of Logan’s Run, which got bumped when he accepted the Superman gig.

"We’re finishing the script," Singer told Sci-Fi Wire. "And … I’m going back to a lot of the development work I’ve done, and I’ve started to go … from where I left off… "I’m taking concepts in the book and the movie, the 1976 movie, and some of my own concepts and merging them together for my interpretation. That’s as best as I can say. It takes place in a unique environment, one we haven’t seen in a movie before. In a mainstream movie before. … If we do that, it would happen soon. It would happen as early as this year, the end of this year. I guess it would be for … When would Logan’s Run be for? … 2008."

Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote Usual Suspects for Singer, is working on the current draft. A little birdy has told me to look for some stuff from Logan’s Run at this year’s San Diego Comic Con – including possible casting announcements.

Between you and me, dear reader, I am more than a little disappointed that Singer’s next film won’t be about Harvey Milk. It’s a great story that should be told, and I would be interested to see if Singer has anything non-genre up his sleeves.