Keith Gordon is one of the least appreciated directors out there. From A Midnight Clear to Mother Night to the countless (actually you could count them but let me bole some hyper) television episodes he’s done, Gordon continues to define himself as a serious and material driven filmmaker. Plus he got to square off against Buddy Repperton in his youth as an actor [Christine, Back to School]. We’ve always been fans of the guy and the one thing that’s eluded him is some kind of major acceptance to help introduce him to a new, wider audience.

Enter Christopher Nolan.

He’s using his power and his Syncopy films to give Gordon a shot at a much wider audience on a currently untitled thriller with a logline under wraps. As if the logline would matter. Nolan’s a master at keeping his shit under wraps, and it’s not like this stuff is so highly specialized he can’t give us SOMETHING. I mean, as twisty as Fight Club is it could have been called a story of two men amidst chaos and nothing would be ruined.

Regardless, Gordon will do right by Nolan. He’s subtle as a whisper and all this television has only strengthened his chops. He’ll be writing as well as directing and though it will never get the kind of buzz and fanfare a Nolan directed film would this is a marriage made in Heaven.

Source: Variety.