I’ve been dying to get a peek at Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy since the day the trades announced its posh line-up.  And here it is!

Spy is based on John le Carre’s novel of the same name, and is Tomas Alfredson’s first film since Let the Right One In.   It stars Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Benedict Cumberbatch.  (It very nearly boasted Michael Fassbender, but he did X-Men First Class instead.)

It’s a pretty basic spy plot — the Russians have planted a mole at the highest levels of British intelligence — but with the cast and director, it ought to be a lot more.  The trailer is a nice blend of James Bond sleekness and the rundown, dodgy Britain of the 1960s/1970s.  And menace. So much menace.

I’m embedding a version below, but if YouTube yanks it or you prefer HD, you can watch it on The Guardian’s website.