Ravishing beauty Jessica Biel and her sinewy sublimity were enough (well, almost) to rescue Blade Trinity and Stealth from the realm of the unwatchable — someone needs to give that gal the lead in an action flick pronto, because she’s better built for it than pretty much any femme fatale ever.

But alas, this movie unfortunately ain’t it. Biel and her awesomeness have joined the star-spangled Iraq War indie Home of the Brave, which is being helmed by Hollywood veteran Irwin Winkler. The story involves several US soldiers and the difficulty they have readjusting to normal life after serving long tours in Iraq.

I could probably go off on a tirade about the shitty treatment our troops get after they return, like that Army officer who "accidentally" got charged for the cost of ruined body armor he was wearing when he was wounded in the line of duty, but I guess readers tend to get pissed off when we (meaning Devin, mostly) dare to talk about that whole politics thing. I do wonder if the film will offer an actual standpoint on the War, or just sort of pussy around it like Steven Bochco’s FX series Over There did.

Joining Biel and her stunning buffness are future Snakes on a Plane star Sam Jackson and raptor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (not Johnson, as the non hip-hop fans at Variety called him), who will probably appear confused for much of the film.