csaComing Soon has the new one sheet for Find Me Guilty, the Sidney Lumet film starring Vin Diesel as the real life mobster ‘Fat Jack’ DiNorscio, who defended himself in the longest Mafia trial in history. What’s interesting about the poster is that it posits the film as… a comedy.

Find Me Guilty has been coming for a very long time, and I didn’t follow the production too closely (although the last time I interviewed Vin Diesel he was hiding his hair from the film under a hat), but the impression I had was that it was a drama, with some funny elements. There was an original poster for the film, which you see above and to the right, which really positions the movie as pretty much a straight drama. The only review I can find, on IMDB, makes no mention of the film being a comedy. But now the new poster, which you can see a bit of below (click on it to see the full thing) really sells the movie as a laugh riot.

So what’s the deal? Was Find Me Guilty held back to re-edit it into a comedy? Are they selling a more dramatic movie in a comedic fashion? Or were we wrong all along, and this was never a drama? If you’ve seen the film, read the script, worked on the movie or have some other info, feel free to drop me a line.