It’s not to suggest that it looks bad, but if Paranormal Activity had blown up in the 80s, the Apollo 18 script would surely have been rolled into production as its fourth or fifth sequel. While I first thought it was part of the deluge of alien films when announced it’s actually got all of the earmarks of the new fixed-camera horror genre, with a little found footage Blair Witch On The Moon action for good measure. Clearly the post-team that’s always responsible for the fake camcorder HUD graphics will be having extra fun replicating all the unique analogue artifacts and distortions of those low-wattage cameras the Apollo teams used.

The trailer is short and simple, and the final stunt is effective purely by virtue of it happening to a spaceman on the moon. Is this scary? Admittedly, a cold dark rock with no oxygen and no way back to earth is paralyzingly frightening to me, so there’s no reason an effective thriller shouldn’t take place there.

This genre has mostly passed me by, but I’m curious to see what people will think of this one, and if it will manage the kind of groundswell that makes these small horror movies pop at the box office.

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