Let’s see… a big red cigar-chomping demon, open-faced bloodsuckers, murderous man-sized insects, various Lovecraftian beasts, whatever that freaky shit is in Pan’s Labyrinth… no doubt about it, happy horror helmer Guillermo del Toro digs his creatures.

So his latest project Killing on Carnival Row sounds like his own personal paradise. According to the official synopsis, the story is “set in a Victorian city inhabited by humans, faeries, elves and vampires, with a detective pursuing a serial killer”.  I dare you to think of a director more qualified for something like that. Hell, I bet Doug Jones is already slapping on the latex. Y’know, for practice.

The script comes from Travis Beacham and the flick is set up at New Line, though there’s no telling when del Toro will actually get to it – he also has Hellboy 2 on his docket and has reportedly been considering grabbing the controller for the Halo movie.  I know he’s also been trying to get At the Mountains of Madness made for (the) ages, but maybe Carnival Row will have a sufficient amount of sticky fluid and tentacles to tide him over.