csaFrank Marshall’s Lance Armstrong biopic has already begun shooting – for the end credits, that is.

"I was there [at the Tour de France], and we shot on the last day of his seventh win last summer in Paris," Marshall told MTV. "We had six cameras going; it was incredibly exciting… We’re going to have the real Lance in the end titles, in his last race."

Apparently the end of the film will fade from Matt Damon, playing a young Armstrong into the real Lance, a guy so successful he overcame both his first name and the loss of a ball.

The movie is going to be based on It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, Armstrong’s autobiography, which I don’t think goes so far as to have him dumping his wife and going for Sheryl Crow, who he just broke up with last week. But since it’s based on Lance’s book, and since Lance is involved in the film, it’s sure to be a grossly heartwarming hagriography that won’t be worth your time since it will be false and unrevealing. Unless you’re really into seeing Matt Damon get one of his nuts removed.

By the way, I’m seeing less and less of those ugly Livestrong bracelets. I can only assume that cancer was cured, since it isn’t like people were wearing them as a lame fashion statement.