After the success of Good Will Hunting, I think a lot of people sort of assumed Beantown buddies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would be a “package deal” and keep making movies together, but that certainly wasn’t the case (perhaps the excruciating Dogma drove them apart). Matt went on to show his skills in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Ben dedicated most of his time to the sort of bombastic action junk that earned him the nickname “Awfulflick” (yet he has an Oscar and you don’t – roll that around for a while).

But now they’re reuniting almost ten years after their rather awkward melodrama for Disney’s new untitled legal film, based on a true story. Affleck and Damon will play the most uncommon type of lawyers (they have souls) who dedicate years of their practice to get a death row inmate pardoned. Affleck brings the courtroom experience of Daredevil to the film, which the duo’s production company LivePlanet is handling (RIP, Project Greenlight).

Affleck is planning to direct his first feature later this year (right here in Boston!) with an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s detective novel Gone Baby Gone.