casI have been a longtime Indiana Jones IV atheist – I thought the sequel would remain forever vaporcinema. But it looks like forces have begun to align making Indy IV something a little more real.

Spielberg was supposed to shoot an Abe Lincoln biopic with Liam Neeson (note: not an American! Scandal) in the lead role, but now it’s being reported that that film is on hold. In fact, it may be on hold forever. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford has been saying that it looks like filming is imminent. "Part of it is finding a time when all three of us [he, Spielberg and Lucas] are available to commit to it," Ford has said. "I think we’ve got that now."

Ford will only reveal that the movie will take place after WWII, meaning that watching Harrison Ford humiliate himself by returning to this role will be the only atrocity taking place in the film.