casI guess Baz Luhrmann has finally conceded that his Alexander the Great movie is dead, dead, dead, since he’s moved on to a new project – an epic love story set in WWII Australia.

How big is the movie going to be? It stars Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, and is being compared to Gone With the Wind. The film starts shooting in June or July in remote (or so I am told) Western Australia on sets Luhrmann is building from scratch.

It’s been too long since he’s been away. Moulin Rouge! is a huge favorite of mine, and I think his Romeo + Juliet is a brilliant way to approach the material, and a film that’s still influencing other directors to this day. It’s too bad that Oliver Stone got his Alexander out first, and out bad, but maybe it’s for the best and this as-yet untitled film will vault Baz to the next echelon.