casIf you had told me Friday morning that Running Scared – the new Paul Walker movie – was going to be a blast, I would have never believed you. But Friday afternoon I saw the film and I can report back that I really enjoyed it. Running Scared is an insane, over the top, patently ludicrous film that merges the worlds of Quentin Tarantino and The Warriors into a big, bloody, pulpy mess. It’s just loaded with charms, including a black-lit hockey rink torture scene, complete with guys in full hockey regalia, and one of the most explicit male on female oral sex scenes I have seen in a mainstream movie. Also lots and lots of violence.

An ad for the film ran during the Super Bowl, and is now up in shitty streaming form on iFilm (seriously, when we learn that streaming is crap, and that it’s OK to allow me to download your video file to my computer?). You should head over there and check it out – this is one movie you want to start drooling over ASAP. Also, you may want to start steeling yourself now for a possible change of heart about Paul Walker.

I said possible. Click here to see it.