“Things are changing in Atlantic City.”

I didn’t have the access to HBO to make Game of Thrones happen for myself (I’ll catch up), but last year I made a special trip to a house with a subscription every Sunday night for the entirety of Boardwalk Empire. And now, even though HBOgo’s making things easier for everyone, I’ll likely be making those trips again to see every episode of season 2 the moment they air.

Boardwalk Empire is my shit.

I don’t think they could have cut a better trailer than the one that follows. It’s spectacular and promises all the right things. The show premieres on Sunday, September 19 at 9 p.m and we’ll be there again, Tag Teaming the bejeezus out of it. I hope you’ll join us for this next journey through the nasty underworld of Atlantic City

After you watch the trailer, if your appetite for the show becomes insatiable you can always check out the little S2 behind-the-scenes pieces we ran a few weeks ago.


Thanks to Santiago Mateo on his FB!