, Romans, Lost fans, I bring you the news you may have been waiting for – according to reports the annoying character of Ana Lucia is being knocked off ASAP.

That’s the story from “NineMSN,” which I guess is MSN News for people in Australia. The site claims that actress Michelle Rodriguez’s “diva-like behaviour is sending everyone around the bend.

“They are also angry after she brought scandal after getting arrested for allegedly drink driving close to the set in Hawaii.”

If this is true it looks like the best way to get written off the island is to either be a character that the writers can’t seem to do anything with (see Boone and Shannon) or to be a complete assface. What’s interesting is that Ana Lucia was supposed to be a major addition to the cast, while it looked like Mr. Eko was going to be a short term supporting character. That plan seems to have changed damn fast.