It’s not a spoiler to say that Horrible Bosses is my favorite comedy in a very long time. A very long time. Like maybe a decade or longer. I have to see it again to be totally sure but it just connected with me so well, a wonderful blend of Swimming with Sharks, Ruthless People, The Ref, and yes… The Hangover. I love it, and every performance shines. It’ll certainly make Charlie Day a commodity to folks who don’t watch his show (and just wait when it’s announced what OTHER movie he’s starring in) and Jennifer Aniston is a revelation here. And Colin Farrell. And Jason Sudeikis finally delivers on his promise. And… And… And…

Sorry about the overhype.

So, you want to see it is basically where I’m going with this. And if you live in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Nashville, you have a crack at it. Nothing fancy to get in the running. Just follow these three instructions and hopefully your name will be chosen for a goodie:

1. Please enter our other Horrible Bosses contest.

2. Tell me what tragic fate befalls me in our latest Friday video.

3. Did you know that any Amazon stuff you buy through this link helps us out a little?

Pick your city, leave your name and let me know that you followed these three instructions, and good luck! Winners will get a code to print their ticket(s) for the screening lickety-split. Readers in Atlanta, Renn and I will be there with our video rig to record your reactions after the show!