has been on the trail of the Iron Man movie for some time now, and they recently brought us all the rumor that Alex Proyas, the guy who fooled many of you into thinking that Dark City was worth sitting through even once, would be directing. Now Moviehole has info – which comes from MTV, apparently, but I can’t seem to find the story and so will only credit it to Clint at Moviehole until I do – that it isn’t going to be Proyas who directs. According to the site it’s still Nick Cassavettes, who had been reported off the project some time ago, and whose crime film Alpha Dog got some surprisingly nice notices at Sundance.

But wait, it gets denser. IESB got an email from a reader who claims to know that there is no director on board at the moment – but that the studio is courting the ever so fey Ryan Phillipe to play Tony Stark. Is any of this true? Who knows. I’m calling out to Don Murphy, who is producing the movie, to clear all of this confusion up once and for all.