Super Bowl, which I guess is happening today, is sort of like the Oscars for people who are still impressed by fire. It’s an exciting day across the land when millions of people who have not watched 1 minute of football for the past calendar year gather round TV sets, drink beers, and potentially physically abuse their wives. It’s also a big day for that other great American pastime – commercials!

Weirdly enough, Super Bowl Sunday has become synonymous with “being fooled into believing that watching commercials is cool, or fun.” Today’s game will be chock full of expensive ads, and especially ads for films that the studios hope to sell to the inebriated home viewer. There’s going to be a V For Vendetta ad today – I haven’t seen it, but I hear it’s pretty great from someone I trust who has.

Disney’s going to be premiering new ads for two of their biggest films of 06 – Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Cars. Unlike other studios who hide their ads until they show up on the game, Disney is hooking the good people of the internet up with their commercials in advance. I’ve watched the Pirates one, and while it’s short and filled with stuff we have seen already, I like it. I haven’t watched the Cars ad because I have zero interest in that film.

Watch the Pirates ad here!

Watch the Cars ad here!

As for the rest of the Super Bowl ads – it’s 2006. They’ll be on youtube or Google Video in hours. Go do something else with your day.