Here’s something that ought to be of particular interest for our British audience – half of the Little Britain comedy team will dress in a brand new outfit, specifically the distinctive jowls of legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. He directed a couple of films you might’ve heard of: Psycho, The Birds, North by NorthwestStrangers on a Train, Notorious, Vertigo, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a ThiefRear Window, Rope, The Man Who Knew Too Much… yeah, just a couple.

Pasty and portly comic Matt Lucas is set to portray the master of suspense in a new film detailing the director’s early life in the East End of London, which would later inform many of his works.  The film, as yet untitled, marks Lucas’ first major feature role (unless you count the straight-to-vid horror flick Cold & Dark) and will apparently also star Ewan McGregor. Hitchcock himself is also expected to make a cameo.

For those unhip/unBritish readers out there, Little Britain is an often hilarious UK sketch comedy show (narrated by ex-Dr. Who Tom Baker) in which Lucas and partner David Walliams play nearly all the characters themselves. I’m more of a Big Train and League of Gentleman fan, but Little Britain has its moments (like Lucas’ inept hypnotist, fake handicapped person and hyperactive teen girl) and is certainly worthwhile for those out there with code-free DVD players and fondness for British “humour”.