We’re making a movie.

It isn’t Big Dick’s and it isn’t MEG, obviously. Big Dick’s is sleeping for a wake-up date some other time and MEG isn’t really something I could make locally. Expect an update on that flick in the near future though.

11 Colonels ATTACK! is a really silly and messed-up comedy which I’m writing with Steve Murphy to be shot by Andrew Sweeney and myself, edited by Andrew, scored by Dave Krosner, and hopefully featuring a cast and crew populated by a ton of you folks out there.

The absurdist premise, if you want to call it that, concerns a couple of guys (Steve and myself) who are very set in their ways and extremely fanatical about baseball who are accidentally chosen by the narrator (Micah Robinson, playing the legendary Dr. Cleveland Flame) of the story to be his subjects after the initial subjects catch the narrator eavesdropping. What follows is a series of really odd and twisted little moments leading up to the duo "getting the team back together" for a big softball tournament even though The 11 Colonels (their team) have been scattered to the four winds. Sounds kind boring? I hope so, but with living puppets, molestation, dueling psychiatrists, warlocks, and assassinations it’s bound to be brilliant. If I were to bill it as something it’d be a mixture of Airplane! and Irreversible by way of the Bad News Bears and Little Otik, Well, not exactly. Sweeney summed it up well when he said that it’s the film that takes place right before the romantic comedy. As in, after our credits roll, that’s where a romantic comedy would have started.

We’re going to be doing it on the cheap. The VERY cheap. But we’re going to do it and do it pretty soon and do it right here in the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia.

So, if you think you have something to bring to the table in terms of prop design, fx, acting, tech stuff, special effects, people to shoot raw footate at softball tournaments, web site stuff (the official site will be priestportal.com and it’d be fun to have some kind of diaries going on), or something I failed to mention and have access to Atlanta during the spring, please use the link below to alert me. I’ll keep you posted here and on that priest site, but consider yourself warned. There’s another low rent comedy coming your way, ‘cept this time it’s from us.

Financier types… um, I don’t know. This is some wacky shit.

There’s your lame press release.