I haven’t really been that much into fantasy material ever since a particularly traumatic 8th grade Dungeons & Dragons campaign (RIP, Galithar the Great), so I was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And regardless of my evolving perv reputation, it wasn’t the pretty young Pevensie sisters that maintained my interest, but Tilda Swinton’s beguiling (and strangely sexy) turn as the White Witch.

While I assume she won’t be back for the sequel (having never read the books), director Andrew Adamson has decided to take another journey through Jim Broadbent’s closet to adapt Prince Caspian, the next book in the series. Probably a wise move on the part of Warner Bros. and Walden Media, since Shrek-helmer Adamson (who’ll also co-write and produce) obviously did something right with the first one – despite its hefty price tag, Narnia’s global haul is already around $650 million.

All the kids, including that little turncoat punk with the Turkish Delight fixation, will also be back for the sequel. The story has them returning to the magical realm of CG beasts, which in their absence has fallen to shambles again, so they reunite with Liam Neeson’s Jesus lion and the royal chap of the title to fight an evil king and his minions. The plan is to have the film ready in time for Christmas 2007. Unfortunately they’re still making Shrek 3 without Adamson.

Oh, and that whole “Chronic-what?” thing was funny for about a minute, so stop already.