There’s an article in today’s Variety that is apparently the official announcement for something we’ve known about for months: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are uniting for the horror double-feature Grind House that will emulate the cheap thrills produced in the 60s and 70s.

The film (encouragingly described by Rodriguez as a “two-fisted bloodbath”) will be cut into a pair of hour-long mini-movies, Rodriguez’s space zombie tale Planet Terror and Tarantino’s slasher piece Death Proof (which he previously claimed would involve a murderous vehicle), with previews for fake trashy movies sandwiched between them.

Pretty much status quo, right? But wait, there’s some trivial news in there after all! Apparently QT aims to make one of his trailers for a sexploitation flick called Cowgirls in Sweden, with blaxploitation and kung fu trailers also likely. Part of me is concerned that the phony trailers will end up being for movies that seem more interesting than the directors’ sixty-minute features, but these two know the back rack better than just about anyone, so exploitation connoisseurs should be satisfied (assuming Tarantino manages to restrain his notoriously erratic attention span).

The Weinstein Co project is gearing up in Austin (no acting talent has been announced, and Rodriguez seems shockingly proficient at keeping his casting a secret) and should arrive in theaters this September. As usual, Rodriguez will be multitasking on the production, handling the editing, cinematography, music and meals.

The only other new morsel of info? The title has mystifyingly dropped House and is now just known as Grind, which kinda makes it sound like a Showgirls sequel. (Note: According to Harold at AICN, the film is indeed still called Grindhouse, and Rodriguez’s contribution is actually titled Project Terror.)