caIf you’re boarding a flight and you see handsome Matthew Fox getting on, be afraid. Be very afraid. The former Party of Five star has found new fame as Dr. Jack on Lost – where he and a group of people ended up on a mysterious island after a plane crash. Now he’s signing on to McG’s new film… about a plane crash.

In 1970 a plane carrying the West Virginia Marshall U football team crashed, killing the team, a bunch of commentators and a bunch more fans. The movie is about the aftermath, where Matthew McConaughey tries to rebuild the team, with the help of Fox, who plays a go-getting assistant coach.

The untitled film is set up at Warner Bros, and McG will direct it after he makes Hot Wheels, the toy car epic. If this film is successful, McG and WB are looking for other sports teams that were decimated by disasters, like the Indonesian National Cricket Team.