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Easy Sex In Movies

I’m no prude, but it annoys me when I don’t buy why two characters would be having sex.

For example, in Stranger Than Fiction, Maggie Gyllenhaal fraks Will Ferrell after knowing him for a few days, and in the time leading up to that moment, Ferrell audits her, sings her a song, and buys her flowers.  I don’t think a song cancels out an audit, nor do I think handing a girl flowers warrants an all-access pass to a girl’s genitals.  If that were how it was, the manliest activity on the planet would be tending to a backyard flower garden.  And while I’d fortunately be well ahead of the masses on that development, I still don’t think it’s right.

Another example is My Super Ex-Girlfriend where Luke Wilson has sex with Anna Farris the same day she breaks up with her boyfriend whom she was having sex with.  First of all, this one is especially troubling and unbelievable because the women Luke Wilson has sex with should be less desirable sexual partners than a bear trap.  Second of all, what was supposed to be an act of love is more a man taking advantage of a woman in a vulnerable state.  This is a character that has less sexual morals than Austin Powers. 

To be fair, Stranger Than Fiction and My Super Ex-Girlfriend were never going to win any Saturn awards, but at the same time, these are professional, well-paid writers creating these ridiculous scenes.

The deeper consequence of this nonsense is that if someone is willing to have sex with someone after knowing him/her a matter of days, it means s/he’s probably had sex with plenty of other (wo)men.  And when that’s the case, there’s nothing special about them having sex with one another.  It doesn’t represent anything anymore.  There’s no specialness and no emotional meaning.