456If you’ve been dying to see what big time explodo director Roland Emmerich might find to blow up in prehistoric times, Warner Bros is your friend. They’ve picked up his 10,000 BC, which had been put in turnaround by Sony, who I guess must have rented Clan of the Cave Bear or Quest for Fire and realized there’s no way to make a good caveman film without Ringo Starr.

10,000 BC will be about a 21-year old in a hunter-gatherer tribe who hunt mastodons for meat and stylish Ugg boots. Now, I’m no expert, but wasn’t 21 pretty old back in the Stone Age (I know that you don’t trust anyone over 30 in the Stoned Age)?

Possibly the best part of the film is that Emmerich wrote the script with his composer, who will do the music. The guy’s been making movies with only his FX department in mind for years, so it’s nice to see that he’s giving the musicians a chance to dictate how his films go.