If you’ve ever thought “Hey, spy thrillers with actual plots are all well and good, but what I want to see is just two spies destroy each other. Full on, cities leveled, explosions everywhere, but it’s just two guys in one war.  You know, like a goddamn Spy Vs. Spy movie!”   If you have thought that, ever, or voiced it aloud over adult beverages,  this is your lucky day.

According to Deadline, Ron Howard and David Koepp are teaming up to bring Spy Vs Spy — the actual MAD comic strip, not a “kind of like” movie — to the big screen.  It’s not known at this time whether they will employ motion-capture or animation in order to keep the lead spies iconic and pointy-faced. One would hope so, but Deadline simply describes it as “a physical and highly visual action comedy” which could mean just about anything.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print on this one.   It’s far down on Howard’s massive List Of Projects, though if The Dark Tower falls through, you could see it become a real priority.