A sculpt of the delightful Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein.


Do we really need another Frankenstein movie? Or two, as there are now currently burning the midnight oil on their way towards a wishful greenlight. My take is no, as we’ve had plenty of official attempts and tons of unofficial ones on a rocky road where nothing has come close to the great Universal flick (plural if you count Bride). The only Frankenstein I’d be interested in is the one Guillermo del Toro has spent the better part of his adult life dreaming about. And that’s not happening anytime soon. Variety reports that Max (son of John) Landis has been brought on by Fox to write the latest incarnation of the character and more importantly his monster. This part of their piece gave me a giggle:

Studio has kept the logline for its Frankenstein treatment under wraps, though with so many Frankenstein projects in early development, Landis will surely be looking for a fresh angle.

Yeah, it’s real important to keep the logline under wraps. A doctor makes a man out of parts and the assembled monstrosity has a shit fit. It’s not exactly Area 51. Unless the words “in space”, “underwater”, “musical”, or “Latino” are part of this well-guarded document I think it’s safe to say we pretty much know what to expect.

That said, Max Landis is pretty damn great. A truly talented guy. Personally I wish Fox was hiring him to do some original idea of his but alas.