Top reasons I regret my decision on buying a XBox 360. First off, let me make this clear so as not to have you Playstation and Nintendo fanboys spanking it to the idea your system is better. Xbox 360 is the superior system for gaming in the sense of it has better games, a broader library, and more funtionality for your dollar. Playstation 3 is still little more than an Expensive door stop. Blue Ray you say? Ha, Blue Ray is a less than superior format to that of regular DVD simply because of the price of the systems and the discs themselves, not to mention the quality isn’t really that different from that of the traditional DVD if you do in fact on a high quality HD TV. Oh, and that is another interesting point, most of the tools that forked out 3 car payments for the PS3 on the premise of offering BlueRay don’t even own HDTV’s and therefor can’t enjoy the “SUPERIOR QUALITY” of the Blue Ray. As for Nintendo, Get more than 2 titles that any one person wants to play and I might consider you a contender. And those damned controllers are just plain ridiculous.

Now, on with my original issue. I have been a not so proud owner of a 360 for 2 years now. In that 2 years I have had to send it back on what I am sure is a record of 6 times. 5 of the 6 have been back to back. See, 5 to 6 months ago I experienced the terroriffic site that has strickened oh too many 360 owners and driven them to the very edge of madness…THE RED RING OF DEATH. For those who aren’t aware of this phenomenon let me lay it out for you. The red ring appears when your system has had an internal error that requires major repair. Thankfully Microsoft extended the red ring warranty to 3 years, thus insuring that if this event occurs you can send it in to have your system fixed or replaced for free. Anyway, 6 or so months ago, my system crapped out, So I did what has become a custom and picked up my phone and dialed xbox repair center where a foreign chap that speaks less than stellar english and sounds much like an injured sea otter walked me through a bunch of common knowledge and inane tasks to try and get my system to work. But alas, she would not live. So he took an order and a box was sent out to me that arrived in 5 days time. I loaded my baby up in the postage included box and away she went bound for some location off any known map obvious by the length of time it is gone. 3 to 6 weeks later, my baby returns to tears of joy and elation. I promptly remove her from her cardboard tomb and connect her to her life cords. And in a moment of sheer excitment, i tap the power button. Awaiting the all too familiar jewel logo my hands trembled with anticipation. Unfortunatley, the screen never left blue. hmmm. Oh, maybe I have it hooked up to the wrong channel. I switch the inputs on my HDTV and wait. Again, blue. Excitment gave way to sadness and anger as I snatched up my phone and dialed the repair center. Again I was made to endure the barely audible completely untranslatable voice of some Indian chap. And like always was taken through a series of mindless tasks to try and give life to my system. Nothing worked. 5 days later a box arrived and i sent her away yet again. 3 to 6 weeks later, she returned. Again I could barely contain my excitment. I connected her and hit the button and away we — ummm, hello? It still did not work! ARGGGGHHHH! This became the pattern. 5 times i have gotten her back and 5 times I have had to let her go. Each time recieving only a free month of xbox live gold for my troubles.

A while back I read about a kid who allegedly had his hard drive wiped out by bungie. Me thinks he did it. Anyway, this brat got a free 360 elite, with all sorts of cool shit. Here I am 6 months having no system and constantly having to send it back because their repair center has no clue how to fix the system and they tell me they aren’t authorized to give me any comp for my troubles other than a month of xbox live gold? Screw you! The worse part of this is the fact that this last time I sent her back they sent me a brand new console and it still didn’t work. And they swore that a supervisor in charge of my case would call to make certain that this didn’t happen again. Guess what, they never called! Is this how a loyal customer gets treated? Is this the norm for Microsoft? If I have a problem with windows and I called for support is George Carlin gonna answer the phone and tell me to fuck off? Ok, bad example, that would be pretty cool. But still, how am I to put faith in this company insuring I have the best all around experience when gaming when they can’t even provide me with descent repair service? And what happens when my 3 years is up and my system crashes? Am I just SOL?

I don’t really see myself owning this system much longer. I would much prefer not have a game system than to know I spent all that money for something that is just gonna be useless in 3 years. My advice to all out there who are considering purchasing a 360, DON’T!!! Save yourself the time and headache and just go outside and play. Get a more creative hobby. Microsoft is a sinking ship and I say we do what we can to fill that boat with water. They have way too much power and it obviously went straight to their heads. They don’t think their customers matter? Let’s show them how wrong they are.

Bill Gates and his merry band of assholes can suck the fart out of a gasous goats putrid and soggy ass.

Good Day!