I can still remember, when I was just a Kid.

When friends where friends forever, and what you said was what you did.


The above lyrics are from Blood on Blood, by the always awesome Bon Jovi, they sum up a point in all our lives when we thought our friendships were rock solid and that they would go on forever.

Except of course they didn’t and if we look back a lot of the friendships we make as a child are not as rock solid as thought at the time.

As I have gotten older I have come to realise that this is not a bad thing. When we are young our definition of what friendship is (like the rest of our beliefs) quite childish. We are the same age, share the same likes and dislikes therefore we must be best friends forever.  As we get older we find that friendship is about more than liking the same things its about compromise, trust  and a whole bunch of other stuff we had no idea about as a kid.

These days I find my pool of friends come from a lot of different places. I am still friends with a few of my school mates, I have a few friends from old jobs,  friends I have met because they are now my In-Laws and of course my wife.  My current job is perhaps the first time I have got on with everyone I worked with* and it will be a real shame when we all go our separate ways, however I hope to stay in contact with these guys (and gals).   I have even made some good friends online, which seems strange as I have never met these people in person but they, like my “adult”** friends have become so they are good honest people who I know I can rely.  Which ultimately is worth more than having the same opinion on Star Trek or Spider-Man.

I’m sure, like the rest of you though there are good friends I don’t see enough, this is not because I don’t want to but rather a simple lack of time.  However I think i should make more time, make more of an effort to see these people before they become nothing more than distant memories.

I guess what I saying is that friendship is a great thing so don’t take it for granted, and definitely don’t be afraid to branch out; There are good people everywhere.

Next week I am finnally achive a life long dream, I am off to see Bon Jovi, so I expect the next blog will be all about that.



*not my previous job though, everyone there can go fuck themselves

**by adult I mean friends I have as an adult, not those I have made as one