Gonna be a lot of jabs at Deadline today for their silly little headline screw-up, but damn if the news they brought wasn’t good regardless. After several weeks of crossed fingers (from some folks at least) that Elba might end up as the lead in Tarantino’s Django Unchained, turns out he’s negotiated his way into the lead role of “Sensi” in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim!

There’s not a lot publicly known about the project, just that it’s a classic monster/alien movie set-up with humanity banding together against creatures that are taking a global tour of destruction. Giant robots are involved, that kind of thing. The cast already includes Charlie Hunnam, and now it boasts a lead with a lot of interest and momentum surrounding him. Elba will also appear in Prometheus, which seems to have caught on quick to the up-and-comers, as Fassbender is in that as well.

I think we’ve all accepted the loss of At The Mountains of Madness and are perhaps starting to grow excited that Del Toro is actually going to roll camera on a fucking movie soon, which is ultimately my highest concern. At this point fuck Middle Earth, Lovecraft, Frankenstein… all of it. Just give me something from the man no matter what the conceit. Monsters? Aliens? Fair enough, let’s do it. It’s going to be 2013 till I get to see the damn thing regardless. In a world where Terrence Malick has two movies coming in the foreseeable future after just releasing one, have he and Guillermo switched places in the glacially-paced filmmaker world? Oh my.

At least we’ve got a little horror movie dropping soon that Del Toro had a large hand in, so there’s that, along with the promise that the happy Mexican will have a great lead when Rim finally shoots.

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