I had to begrudgingly give Universal a nod yesterday for casting Ian McShane as the lead dwarf in their otherwise boring-sounding Snow White and the Huntsman, but now it turns out they weren’t done. According to THR, the rest of the Snow White dwarf crew may be filled out with interesting and very cool actors- none of which are yet signed, but rather are in active negotiations.

Running down the list there’s a chance we’ll be seeing Eddie Izzard as the “burly” Tiberius, Toby Jones as the “timid” Claudius, Bob Hoskins as the blind Constantine, with Steven Graham and Eddie Marsan also being looked at for unspecified dwarf roles. If most of these casting negotiations go through, then Ian McShane’s Caesar will be leading quite a batch of stout men.

Again, this film stars Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, the latter of whom has already show himself to be a charming burly gent in Thor. It’s still going to take some imagery or something to totally turn me around on this, but the more recent casting suggests Universal sees this as more than a quickie throwaway project. Consider my other eyebrow raised Universal.

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