Full Disclosure: I am a huge Jason Patric apologist. How much? I tried to get to New York to see his revival of his dad’s play That Championship Season this year. How much? I’ll watch anything he does. How much? I don’t hate Speed II. All you have to do is watch his steam room monologue in Your Friends and Neighbors to understand why. Or the scene on the radio telescope in The Losers. The guy is great and it’s a shame he never was able to balance his talent and his tolerance for the business.

Powers was a fun comic back in the day, a book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon-Oeming about cops on the beat dealing with crime in a world where superheroes are real. The art style was an acquired taste, but it was a standout book. It’s long been one of those properties that seemed on the verge of becoming a reality and now it just might. At a great network too, FX. That’s actually a perfect pairing. Especially if the news shared by The Hollywood Reporter about Patric coming on board as the leading character is true. Jason Patric as the leading tough guy in a property somewhere in the world between Kick-Ass & The Wire? SOLD.

Charles S. Dutton has already been signed, which means absolutely nothing. Bailee Madison also is on board, and if you weren’t aware… she’s the star of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a masterpiece hitting theaters in August.

Patric is a great choice because even though he doesn’t resemble the comics’ Christian Walker he carries himself very well in hard roles. Watch Narc for God’s sake. Lastly, for fans of the comic, rest assured that justice is being served: the pilot begins with Retro Girl’s murder just as it should.