We all knew Mad Men was going to be coming back as evidenced by the show’s creator getting his deal but since no footage has been shot [which means we have an excruciating wait ahead of us] it’s nice to finally see the pieces falling into place. In a big way. How big?

How about another three years’ worth? While hardly etched in stone, series star Jon Hamm just signed on [reported by EW] for three more years as the dapper Don Draper and that’s telling. It means we may see seven seasons of Mad Men. Most of you still haven’t given the show your time but once you succumb you’ll get it.

It’s one of the best shows ever, let alone currently on the air. Now that Hamm is locked up we can go back to worrying about other shit. This is great news.

Way to go AMC!


And I will leave you with one of the best things ever, and something I hope we can add about 500 entries to over the rest of Mad Men‘s run: