I tend to avoid the local news broadcasts because they generally make me want to seal myself in a small cube and never visit the outside world, but last night I had one of the Boston stations on and caught something I hadn’t heard before (and unfortunately it wasn’t "the Big Dig is completed!").

Apparently former supernatural seeker David Duchovny plans to direct the baseball flick Bucky F*cking Dent, a movie that should make our ball-obsessed (ahem) honcho Nunziata at least 1/3 more erect than usual. Duchovny, a noted baseball fan (he wrote and directed a ball-themed X-Files episode back before his sister turned to starlight or whatever), also penned the script and plans to star in the movie.

Aside from being set in late-1970s New York and focusing on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, no other info about the movie was mentioned. I enjoy baseball about as much as prunes and vivisection, but a quick Google tells me this about Dent: Bucky Dent, a promising White Sox shortstop, came to the Yankees in a much heralded deal in April 1977. He was touted as the final piece in the great Yankee team. Dent was a natural with his boyish good looks, the perfect foil for the Yankees’ rough and abrasive identity. He became an instant idol with legions of adoring teenage girls to cheer him on. In 1978 Dent was the unlikely hero in the playoff game against Boston when his short three-run homer over Fenway’s Green Monster changed the course of the game as the Yankees went on to win 5-4. His fine play continued as he was named WS MVP as the Yankees won their second straight championship with Dent at shortstop.