was in the bookstore a few weeks back and a copy of Marley & Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog caught my eye. It’s a book by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Grogan, about his dog Marley, a Labrador retriever who was very poorly behaved. I flipped through the book and came to a section at the end where Marley dies (spoiler! Not really) and started crying – right in the bookstore. Does this make me less of a man? Probably.

It also makes me an easy mark for blubbering at the Marley & Me movie. Fox 2000 has bought the rights to the book, which has been a very big best seller. I guess we’re coming to kinder, gentler times when a book about a columnist and his dog becomes a big hit and a movie. I hope they cast Paul Giamatti as Grogan – I don’t know what the guy looks like, but if you cast beastman Russell Crowe as the dog and recapture that Cinderella Man magic… Boffo box office, as they say.

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