The Footloose remake is real. Seriously, that shit happened. I remember when Zac Efron was sending hatewaves all across the universe with his High School Musical nonsense [which led to the Vanessa Hudgens nudes and therefore justify its existence] and it seemed all like buildup towards a Footloose remake. Or Grease. It didn’t happen. And then a few other dickheads made careers by latching onto the necks of tween girls but none ever managed to make a remake of the Kevin Bacon anti-classic a reality.

Finally, God didn’t exist and Footloose happened. And it brought Dennis Quaid with it. You want to talk about a guy who seemed to be on a path to miracles after Far From Heaven who then shat all over that momentum, look no farther than Randy’s favorite brother. Footloose is real and Craig Brewer, an actual filmmaker, made it.

No word on if the fabulous 80′ soundtrack would be resurrected but it’d be amazing if they got the originals to remake their amazing classics for the remake. Sammy Hagar’s ‘The Girl Gets Around’ is seminal. And fuck Kenny Loggins.

The movie tells the timeless tale of an outcast who unites a community that is repressed by religion [timely every year] with the power of denim and dance. Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough are latter day Bacon and Lori Singer tandem and they can dance their beavers off. CANNOT. WAIT. Here are some pictures.

Those are unironic smiles.


Chris Penn is spinning in his grave. Not because of this, but because they bought a rotisserie coffin.

"Thank you son for finally getting this made. I've already spent all my GI Joe money."