All things being equal, who gives a shit about a live-action, re-interpretedĀ Snow White film? That’s the question that made it a bit of a slog to track Universal and Relativity’s pissing contest over who would release their Snow White project first next year. Ultimately it seemed Relativity had the more interesting project in the works, as Tarsem Singh is nothing if not visionary, and Armie Hammer was a cool casting choice along with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. Universal’s project, with a Twilight lead in the top spot and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, sounds like another post-Twilight supernatural(ish) romance flick, a few of which have already been produced and started off the year by falling on their faces. Now Universal has added Ian McShane to their film’s cast asĀ Caesar, leader of the dwarfs, and I have to give the film the slightest twitch of a raised eyebrow.

Then I remember Gary Oldman was in Red Riding Hood and go right back to not giving a shit.

I must admit though, McShane as the leader of the dwarfs could be cool, and I’d be interested in seeing how they end up fitting into this Hanna-sounding fairytale about a girl trained in the woods by a hunstman to seek revenge on her evil step-mother. McShane has done a lot of heavy lifting for otherwise unremarkable films before, and perhaps he’ll do it here. Or perhaps he’ll be a tragic artifact of quality in an otherwise silly movie, as so often is the case with these things.

Who knows- maybe both of these projects will turn out to be worth paying attention to, and won’t just end up as new entries in the knock-off bin. Hard to call until we hear or see more, but there’s the faintest sign of a heartbeat at least.

Source | THR

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