csaJoe Wright made last year’s really excellent version of Pride & Prejudice, which made me very interested in the future of his career. Now he’s turning his eye to remaking a thriller – but don’t worry, it’s nothing you’ve ever heard of, so you probably won’t be able to muster much more than the bare minimum rage at the project.

The film is called Gaslight, and it’s based on the 1944 classic starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. Bergman won an Oscar for the film, where she plays a rich woman who is being driven insane in a house of horrors.

As far as remakes go, the original was based on a play AND a 1940 British film version (wait, I thought the trend of remaking recent foreign films was brand new!). Wright will be setting his take in California, getting himself out of rainy Olde England.

If you haven’t seen Pride & Prejudice, I recommend you snap it up when it hits DVD – Wright has taken a very old book and made something that feels very energetic and contemporary, and his facility with long tracking shots could well come in handy in a thriller like this.