Now is the time where I trot out the oft-used “hey, remember when SNL used to be funny?” line, but hey, uh, remember when? Most likely it was years prior and we’re here to make sure you relive the glory days past with our contest for The Best of David Spade and The Best of Hank Baldwin DVDs. Feel free to check these out even if you don’t win (click here for Spade and here for Baldwin), because they’re both good antecedents for before Mom forces you to watch some of the not-as-stellar new material.

The Best of David Spade has several notable other items than the proclaimed “Bad Boy of SNL” moniker. Relive his snotty “... and you are?” Receptionist, his time swapping with Teri Hatcher for ‘Spade in America’, and that interesting ‘bye-bye’ Flight Attendant skit. Interesting meaning somewhat annoying. Still, Spade’s chemistry with Chris Farley is intact these many years later (and represented thoroughly throughout the DVD), so you can feel like a dirty kid again stumbling onto your Dad’s porn chest. So to speak.

BaldwinianThe Best of Alec Baldwin, besides toying with your most unbridled desires, has the man, the myth, the 12-time-hosting legend spewing his comedic timing across the SNL Universe. Included are the wonderful Bill Brasky sketches, Hank taking on the purveyor of balls and wieners, the Scout Master who just can’t keep down those impure thoughts, and of course, the references to masturbating to the Teletubies. Seeing is believing. You’ll want to be a believer.

How do you get your fidgety mitts on these DVDs? Simple. Answer these questions.

1. What band is central to the plot of It’s Pat: The Movie?
2. What is the name of the Coneheads’ home planet?

Make sure to include your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS with the ANSWERS to the questions. Additionally – specify which DVD you’d like to be entered into. If you don’t, then it’s up to my discretion. CUE: Evil laughter.

Make sure to send your entries to with SNL DVDs in the title. Winners will be picked at random, provided you can figure out the terrifying answers to the questions posed above.

Good luck – you’ll need it!