100 Bullets is a crime masterpiece.

Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (and Dave Johnson for his cover work) are the rare creative team in the business who had an idea, stuck with it, and managed to create a powerful epic with little tumult or tonal change. It is actually nearly as rare to see creators in that field deliver consistently as it is to see brilliant stories come out of the medium. 100 Bullets is special, a tale of hard men [and women] and shadowy organizations and some serious issues of power and consequence. It’s really special. Worthy of a Showtime series devoted to it.

Which is good, because it looks like Showtime is devoting a series to it. The possibilities are huge, especially if they cast the show right. The whole fate of the series could hinge on who they cast as Graves, Dizzy, Shepherd, Colo, Lono, and select others. The casting is huge.

But the real x-factor is David Goyer, the big creative name attached to the series. Goyer has an amazing resume when it comes to geek properties but I think it’s a bit misleading. The Blade movies are a lot of fun [well the first two], and there’s no denying he wrote them. But Steve Norrington and Guillermo del Toro did such special work that it’s hard to credit the writing all that much. The third film, which Goyer wrote and directed, is dogshit. So is The Invisible, and The Unborn should have been much better. Then there’s the Christopher Nolan Batman flicks, which Goyer is the main credited writer of. How much of that is Goyer, especially when Nolan is such a strong writer in his own right?

I want to believe. I just don’t know what David Goyer’s voice is. I know he’s become a major brand. I know he’s in some great creative circles. I know he kinda ripped my site’s coverage of his stuff a little at Comic Con when I met him. I want to believe.

Mainly I want to believe he’ll simply be a conductor for Brian Azzarello’s amazing and cinematic work. We don’t need showrunners who are going to heavily modify something far from broken. I want to believe. Goyer, make me believe.

Source: Deadline