Even directors are prone to dreamy fancasting.

Nicolas Winding Refn wants to make a Wonder Woman movie.   He’s given several interviews about it (Warner Bros, it seems, has yet to call) and he’s got a lot of cool ideas. He certainly grasps the character better than NBC and David E. Kelley did.

Today, he set the Internet on fire by dreamcasting his Wonder Woman to Vulture: Christina Hendricks.

If the floor of the Internet felt a little…dirty to you this morning, that’s why.

Remember, Refn isn’t anywhere close to making a Wonder Woman movie. He hasn’t entered talks with Warner Bros.   He hasn’t been tapped to write a script.    But you wouldn’t think so from every headline saying “Refn Wants Hendricks as Wonder Woman.”

But can you blame anyone for writing it?  No. Even I look at those curves and think “Yeah. She’d be real pretty in that outfit.”

Warner Bros should really give Refn a call.   With one quote, he managed to get nearly every Wonder Woman detractor on board.    You can’t buy that kind of publicity…well, you can, but it’s not nearly as genuine.

Here’s one for the road. It’s a slow news day, and I’ll find a way to balance it out with some shirtless dudes later.